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Glass bottles manufacturers, Xuzhou crown days of glass products Co., Ltd.,Hotline: 15952169038。Professional glass bottles, glassware manufacturers, there is an advanced fully automatic assembly line equipment, products through the United States FDA SGS certification,IS09001:2000Quality management system certification, in Xuzhou Ma Po Industrial Development Zone, convenient transportation, highway, railway, waterway extending in all directions, the company's new in 2006, we have abottlecover factory, mold factory, carton factory. Our factory has a full automatic ranks exclusive to the production line 5, the artificial line 20 Nissan all kinds of glass bottles 800 thousand, the existing work of more than 500 people, including senior technical staff of 28 people...



Glass bottle, easy to clean, good chemical stability, there will be no pollution, high gas tightness, good storage performance, widely used in beverage, wine, chemical products, medicine, stationery and cosmetics packaging container. Below from a few categories of products introduced packaging applications。
(1)Wine packaging:Glass bottles of various colors, but also the characteristics of the glass bottle transparent, with different colors, from light to dark can be selected。
(2)Beverage package:Glass bottle packaging show the temperament, for the development of high-end beverage market manufacturers is the best choice。
(3)Perfume packaging:Design perfect perfume bottle visual impact in fact, than the sense of smell temptation to take a step earlier to seize the customer's heart. The modelling exquisite small perfume bottle is not only a small container loading fragrance. It has also become a worthy collection of works of Art。
(4)Drug packaging:Glass chemical properties are very stable, as a drug packaging materials, it will not react with the drug, thereby polluting drugs。
(5)Articles for daily use:In a glass with a material, the glass is the most healthy. The glass does not contain organic chemicals, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean。

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